• Man, Eagle and Eye in the Sky(detail), Cai-Guoqiang, Mixed Media (Gunpowder on Paper), 230x77.5cmx9, 2004
  • Spring is Coming(detail), Yuan Qingyi, Oil on canvas, 170x189cm, 1984
  • A Gratified Young Man(detail), Shi Chong, Oil on canvas, 152x74cm, 1995
  • Meng Luding&Zhang Qun, In the New Age-The Enlightenment of Adam and Eve, Oil on Canvas, 196x164cm, 1985
  • Chen Yifei, Eulogy of the Yellow River, Oil on Canvas, 143.5×297cm, 1972
  • Xiao Lu, Dialogue, Performance&Installation, 240×270×90cm, 1989
  • Wu Zuoren, Extra Edition on the Liberation of Nanjing, Oil on Canvas, 89×116, 1949
  • Wu Guanzhong, Northern Landscape, Oil on Canvas, 68×179.5cm, 1979


Taikang Space (previously known as “Taikang Top Space”) was established by Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd in 2003. It belongs to Taikang Life Insurance’s Department of Public Welfare Establishments. Meanwhile, it is also a professional institution devoting itself to Chinese contemporary art collection and the research on its development.

Aiming at establishing an art collection system with a historical meaning for Taikang Life Insurance, Taikang Space currently focuses on two clues in art history: art from 1942 to 1976 and art from 1976 until now. It carries out academic researches in coordination with the art collection and announces its fruits through nonscheduled exhibitions and activities as well.

Taikang Space respects the rules of art development; meanwhile, it attaches importance to the research on “human beings” (i.e. the artists). Through the choice of artists and the research on them, it shows its attention on art development. During the seven years since its establishment, Taikang Space has gradually formed its own conception-“retrospection and encouragement”: retrospecting the past and re-examining the art history, meanwhile, paying attention to the future and exploring the future direction of art development. Taikang Space’s exhibitions and activities are based on these two directions. They are aimed at mature artists’ projects as well as young artists’ experimental projects.

A series of academic activities carried out along with the exhibitions and projects have active and effective supplementary functions for enriching Taikang’s collection and the research on it. At present there are already some iconic pieces and some important works of representative artists in this collection. As for the continuous research on this collection, we cooperate with some important academic institutes in China, further unearth the academic value of the collection, and explore its deep support of value. We are top performers in domestic collection circle, which is still in its primary stage.