51㎡: No.14 Yan Bing

2010.11.13 - 2010.11.26

Artist(s):Yan Bing

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang

Yan Bing, born in 1980 in Gansu. Graduated from The Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Undoubtedly, the memory of his hometown provides the artist with many materials and logic power. Years of living in the countryside has not only influenced the formation of his world view, but also influenced his later creation. The artist has never stopped his painting; he’s chosen a new way of labor, which broke away from his elder generation but still has connection with it at the same time. 


Yan Bing’s work lingers between the abstract things that have no reference and the symbols full of narration, which is based on the artist’s modifications of the simplest and most original materials in natural life. These modifications and re-combinations often lead to an indescribable structure that looks like a building, which is attached to the initial choice. It is like an attachment that has no close relation, as well as a haunted nestification. Through the tightly bindings and brush strokes, we are sure to feel the warmness brought by an accumulation like this. Meanwhile, we also wander in a foreordination with a strong sense of history. The artist makes effort to make it a free thing with an independent life, which will not stay in a set pattern of tender feelings and nostalgia. Sometimes it keeps silent, while sometimes it describes all sorts of relations to us, such as human, nature and destiny. Yan Bing uses his unique way of creation to provide us with a case to be discussed, how to keep contact with the materials of our era. His work is a personal interpretation and contemplation of the traditional agricultural civilization of thousands of years in China. It is the subjective existence of that agricultural civilization in the crazy urbanization of current villages, and it can also be regarded as the logic questioning to “self” by the traditional way of thought. This exhibition showcases four works recently created by the artist. Welcome to the exhibition.