• Guan Xiao, Sunset, 2011, Mixed Materials, Dimension Variable
  • Wang Guangxu, Gaussian(detail), 2011, Installation, 240×118×5 cm
  • Wang Guangxu, Adult supplies, 2006, Installation, 1×1×9 cm
  • Exhibition View
  • Guan Xiao, Sunset(detail), 2011, Mixed Materials, Dimension Variable
  • Wang Guangxu, Untitled(detail), 2011, Paper, 110×80 cm
  • Han Wuzhou, Piano e forte, 2011, Installation, 150×102×105 cm
  • Han Wuzhou, Vacuum, 2011, Installation, 60×80×100 cm
  • Han Wuzhou, Mute, 2010, Installation, 700×15 cm

Sunset Vacuum Plug

2012.09.27 - 2012.11.17

Artist(s):Guan Xiao, Han Wuzhou, Wang Guangxu

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang, Xu Chongbao

Sunset Vacuum Plug exhibits recent works by artists Guan Xiao, Han Wuzhou and Wang Guangxu. The title of this exhibition is compounded with the titles of their artworks in order to avoid our usual habit of consuming and interpreting an exhibition based on its theme, by which also allowing the audience to focus on the artworks themselves. Meanwhile, this jerky short phrase also reminds us of the awkwardness in understanding the works of these three artists. The education background of these three artists differs from those artists who have graduated from art academies in China. All three artists have established his/her view on the history of art in a rather extreme and individualistic context. As they take on an often resistant and circumventing approach to participate in today artistic production, we are presented with their artworks that are different from those semi-established or existing and rigid “doctrines”.  Among the artworks of these three artists, we find their narration and re-interpretation of the classic topics of contemporary art, moreover, as well as their determined, open and inquisitive spirit and an unknown future that we may not predict.

Guan Xiao, born in 1982, in Chongqing, who majored in film directing, is now working and living in Beijing. Han Wuzhou, born in 1980, in Anyang, Henan Province, is now working and living in Beijing. Wang Guangxu, born in 1978, in Songxi, Fujian Province, is now working and living in Beijing.