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2015.12.12 - 2016.01.23


Curator(s):Su Wenxiang, Li Jia

Taikang Space is pleased to present the grand opening of “Polit-Sheer-Form Meeting: The 10th Anniversary of Polit-Sheer-Form” on December 12, 2015 in the Caochangdi art village. As an artist group, “Polit-Sheer-Form” presents its new project, “Polit-Sheer-Form Meeting” based at Taikang Space, during the period of the next 40 days, the group will provide various free business services in the form of “eat, drink and play” to people from all walks of life, and the services will terminate on January 23, 2016. 

On this occasion, Taikang Space will transform into a temporary space of gathering, as it provides the activities of any “gathering” through “eat, drink and play” to everyone to “meet”. Taikang Space and Polit-Sheer-Form invite any group, organization, social committees and individuals to host their own meetings at “Polit-Sheer-Form Meeting”, offering services such as “hotpot meetings”, “cold meal meetings” and other food and drink services, as well as a scope of entertainments such as, ping-pong games, film screening, Karaoke, foot massages and etc. Polit-Sheer-form’s everyday objects, created pieces made in the last decade, as well as souvenir items for the 10th anniversary will be shown on the second floor of the space. 
“Polit-sheer-form” (Polit-Sheer-Form Office), established in 2005, consists of artists Hong Hao, Xiao Yu, Song Dong, Liu Jianhua and curator, critic, Leng Lin. Over one decade of discussions, actions and production process as a collective, “Polit-Sheer-Form” has shaped and established a brand new world view and system of values, “we” extend the boundary of the individual to the surface and the infinite space of social imagination through integrating forms of being “together” as material contents such as “eat, drink and play” are engaged. “Polit-Sheer-Form” appropriates exhibition, project, collective activities, manifesto writing and other various specific approaches to achieve imposing and pure emotional provocations without the historical context and ideological drive, it is an empty shell within an aesthetic framework that is only relevant through the imagination of the pan-political era, moreover, it gathers subjects on the surface of everyday life of sheer formalized politics and formally imagined politics: I, you, you, in this process of gathering will become us. 

 In the form of “meeting” every ten years, we invite you. Polit-Sheer Form says, a communist ghost once hovering in the sky of the world has flown away, it has left behind a lingering form eternally. Polit-Sheer-Form re-glorifies this form in a transformative time and space, and the momentous everyday scenarios.

 * Notice
 1. Free catering provided on the opening event (Dec 12th ) only. Should you have any inquiries on scheduling a meeting during the exhibition please contact us.
 2. How to schedule your meeting: Please send an email including your name, contact, your demand and preferences to media@taikangspace.com at least 1 week before the scheduled meeting date.
 3. Admission hours: Tue – Sat, 10:30 -17:30
 4. The final interpretation to this activity belongs to Taikang Space.

Polit-Sheer-Form is an abbreviation for “Politics Sheer Form Office”, is an artist group consists of Hong Hao, Xiao Yu, Song Dong, Liu Jianhua and Leng Lin. In 2005, the concept of “Polit-Sheer-Form” was created, and the group makes work collectively. Polit-Sheer-Form faces the world, focusing on the building of spiritual worlds, formalize political life, cultural life, economic life and everyday life, blurring boundaries, and transform thinking, discussions, footsteps, enjoyments and ideas into forms, that constitutes the concept of “Polit-Sheer-Form”. In 2005, “Polit-Sheer-Form” held its first solo exhibition in Beijing, “Only One Wall”. In 2006, Polit-Sheer-Form showed at ART SPACE in Sydney. In 2007, it participated in the media project Art world: exhibition on paper “Polit-Sheer-Form” as part of the 12th Documenta in Kassel, Germany. Its footsteps and discussions span from factories, rural areas, schools, revolutionary heritage sites, world heritage sites, studios, art galleries, art museums, sports centers, bus stations, ports, airports, hotels, restaurants, bars, teahouses, bathhouses, entertainment sites, commercial spaces and vending stalls on the st.