51㎡: No.12 Ma Qiusha

2010.09.18 - 2010.10.09

Artist(s):Ma Qiusha

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang

Ma Qiusha always carefully explores the delicate and complicated relationships among people. In her previous works concerning this kind of theme, the artist usually arrange all the doubt and anxiety on a place that can be called “stage” to be a focus to examine others and the surrounding society. As for stage, an image that can be regarded as a self-center or a place to spy on others, it accurately conveys the artist’s hidden insecurity and her intention to search for exquisite proof. Besides, the artist is good at using stage rhetoric. We always seek support from detailed features to analyze the objects in stage performance. This is also the case with the image and sound system created by Ma Qiusha. The most direct and effective way to influence the audience is facing the mirror images that the artist imitates from our existence and its details. 


Not as definite as the "doubt and uncertainty about imitate relationship" expressed in the video workWein 2009,Us, which is shown in TaiKang Space 51㎡ Project, can be seen as a continuation and development of the former work. The uncontrollable and occasional elements of live performance make this theme more complicated. The change from nominative case to objective case in the names makes this scene more like a miniature observatory. The artist does not arrange the delicate relationships of the roles like directors usually do. During the opening, 100 male and female models perform one after another, break away from a tightly knitted net and drift away. This will be unfolding instantly to depict the existing relationships of individuals in a modern society. Then the whole exhibition space will become an abstract existence. The audience can take a furtive glance at this process through the glass door of Taikang space or the video played in the square in front of the door during the opening night on September 18, 2010.