51㎡: No.15 Liang Yuanwei

2010.12.04 - 2010.12.18

Artist(s):Liang Yuanwei

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang

During the development of art, form and concept used to be strategically set against each other. This result not only accelerated the differentiation within art itself, but also became one of the predicaments of art. From then on no matter how hard we try to discuss them, we can only give consideration to one of the two. Although today some artists are trying their best to put an end to this estrangement, the gap is still clearly visible. People prefer to see the result of an event, as well as a definite destination and its effectiveness in art activities. The artists seem to be better at double talking. Topics about the form and discussions about the process have been put on the shelf permanently in today’s more open environment. 

However, the artist Liang Yuanwei has been persisting in the research on forms. To her, abandoning the political utilization of the ideologies of things and returning them to the original conditions are a task for artists. Besides, maintaining the attention for one thing in an “empty” status and with a lower level of expectation is a working method that she has always been emphasizing. The artist calls it a kind of exploration between “legality” and “possibility”. In this project, the artist brings a painting installation called “Picture of Early Spring”. The work takes over the form of the folded tables and chairs that are often seen in a common Chinese family or a roadside stand. 

Different from the “interlace scanning” paintings that were shown not long ago and are known by the audience, the new images sparkling with a crystal-clear light appear in the gradual sculpturing of canvas and paints. Nevertheless, they are absolutely silent. In “Picture of Early Spring”, the artist worked on the new painted media with a method assembling “rendering”. Surely this has been given tender and sensible expectation by the artist. It is still silent, but because of the absences of the main body and a part of the signans, we will encounter indefinite signatum and reverberation. The artist hopes that this new piece can become another clue to understand her work. Welcome to Taikang Space to see this exhibition.