51㎡: No.13 Liu Chuang

2010.10.23 - 2010.11.06

Artist(s):Liu Chuang

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang

Liu Chuang, born in 1978 in Hubei, who moved to Shenzhen after graduating from the Art Academy. This southern city transcends its geographical limitations, and has earned a reputation for endeavoring into various explorations since the late 1970s until the present. The imagination of those live on the mainland often believe people who’s had life experiences there is more alert and sensitive to regulations and are also highly adaptable to new environments. 

Just as the city’s active exploration and its reputation earned through large volumes of existence, as an artist, Liu Chuang’s contact with the microscopic and quotidian regulations/systems of life has allowed him to develop a set of unique yet intangible artistic sense and approach. The “system’, like natural phenomena is ubiquitous, where society is like a network woven with large numbers of complex systems. People within it come to contact with its impartial regulations, but are often blinded from its overall operation. In a series of deconstructions of the quotidian systems, the artist’s strategic approach to ready-made objects and existing regulations, works and operations of different systems are shown with ease and clarity for the viewers. Their presence with the artist’s poetic dislocation, we sense the internal cycles and affiliations within various quotidian life regulations and systems. Through his humble yet obscure poetic and linguistic experiments, the works succeed in subverting our understanding on the structures of existing objects. Such representations are shown in the abiding or intervening initiatives in which the artist configures as a gradually lucid critique and mediator with his unexpected and incise approach while revealing his attitude towards the aesthetics of reality. 

This project shows two works under the title Untitled. One work is Untitled, History of Sweat(installation work, 2004), the other is Untitled, Dancing Partner (Video, 2010). With which, we see the “rare historical objects” in History of Sweat, whereas Dancing Partner is the artist’s first work since relocating to Beijing. “…. Parallel… passing through at lowest speed limit…”, is a description in this artwork, just as the time required to adapt to a new place, and the time it takes to readjust to a level of comfort. The artist’s persistent patience to the rules of everyday life, in which rejections also becomes quite clear. We welcome you to view the exhibition. 

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