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  • A Biref History of Taikang Space, 2003-2013
  • A Biref History of Taikang Space, 2003-2013
  • A Biref History of Taikang Space, 2003-2013
  • A Biref History of Taikang Space, 2003-2013
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  • A Biref History of Taikang Space, 2003-2013

From Fuxingmen to Caochangdi: Taikang Space 2003—

2013.09.14 - 2013.11.09

Curator(s):Taikang Space

“From Fuxingmen to Caochangdi: Taikang Space 2003- “  is not only commemorative exhibition, but also one that probes into the future.


The exhibition did not unfold as its title suggests, because it would have been filled with long-winded narrative on the history and growth of the organization. A decade is not long, nor is it short. As an art organization, Taikang space has had its first hand experience from the anonymity to the bang of  contemporary Chinese art in this period. As an organization with its own work method and rhythm, we have attempted to hold certain refrains on the presentation of our exhibitions. The pre-history of the space prior to 2003, brief history from 2003 to 2013 were all written in hand-written posters by the director, Tang Xin. Supplemented by succinct archival materials, they allow the audience to grasp the frameworks of Taikang space’s development over the last decade. Over the decade of 2003 to 2013, our curatorial initiatives shifted from demonstrating enthusiasm to reasoning, from questioning “what is a space” to “how to work with a space”, from the lack of spatial concepts to its formulating and its maturation, from making common generational distinctions of the artists to establishing our own methods of determining the generations; our collection grew from scattered purchases of artworks to a systematic artwork collection; our team grew from one person to seven; from departing the building of our head company to the “shared projects” within the company, from Fuxingmen to 798 and then to Caochangdi, the growth of an organization over a decade has made its clear steps.


To look into the past is also a probe into the possibilities of the future, “Chat Chat Chat…” project, as a key component of this exhibition,  will be used as a private and comfortable living to discuss issues on the operations of the organization and the possibilities of its future during the exhibition period. At the exhibition, by tuning into FM98, one may listen to the live broadcast and recordings of its talks, to learn issues and special qualities on Taikang Space and other art spaces.