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  • Zheng Guogu, The Line In Front of MoMA’s Entrance, 2008-2009, 180X300cm, Ink on silk
  • Wang Yuyang, Let There Be Light, 2012, 10x14x16cm, Camera, programmable control panel, transformer
  • Liu Wei, As Long As I Can See No.4, 2006, Installation
  • Liu Chuang, Work 15#, 2012, Dimension Variable, Mixed Media
  • Zhang Liaoyuan, A4 and A4 and A4, 2012, Dimension VariableInstallation

La Chambre Claire

2012.04.07 - 2012.06.02

Artist(s):Liu Chuang, Liu Wei, Wang Yuyang, Zhang Liaoyuan, Zheng Guogu

Curator(s):Tang Xin, Su Wenxiang, Xu Chongbao

Since the beginning of Taikang Space's establishment, it has been continuously keeping an eye on photography and researching it, as well as presenting the historical pattern and frontier works of Chinese photography art through a series of case studies and exhibition projects. 

The theme of this exhibition, "La Chambre Claire", borrows the title of a famous work by Roland Barthes that discusses photography on the basis of his own emotive experiences. By using a classic word like this, or in other words, a "fixed" word like this, to be the theme, it is indeed easy to lead the audience's anticipation and imagination towards the content or form of images, but it also suggests some sort of possibility to create a fresh exhibition pattern through saluting Barthes.

When photography is applied to art or other scientific categories, according to all sorts of technical conditions and function categorizations (including “Art Photography”), it is always defined within a distinct border. The discussion of photography by the exhibition "La Chambre Claire" completely abandons these borders and suspends between the grammar and creation of photography. Photography is no longer an ultimate medium or a form of work; it has become the material of the realization process of the work or one of the elements that form concept. This is an exhibition without photographs but the phantom of photography is everywhere to see. The five participating artists of "La Chambre Claire" are well-known because of their consistent creations of experimental works and explorative practices in Chinese contemporary art circle. Their creations do not rigidly adhere to a certain medium, which makes possible the realization of the exhibition "La Chambre Claire".

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