• Installation View
  • Installation View
  • Installation View
  • Luo Yongjin, Shaojiwan Reservoir, Guangzhou, 1988
  • Dou Wei, Beijing, 2003
  • Alan Robbe-Grillet, Guangxi Province, 1998
  • Hu Yuanli, Guangzhou, 1989
  • Nymph, 1994
  • Lune Violette, Guangzhou, 2007
  • Zou Jie Bound by Qiao Mei, Guangzhou, 2005
  • Christian Lacroix, Salon Imperial, Hotel Inter-Continental, Paris, 1992
  • Anna Piaggi, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris, 1999
  • Hubert Barrere, Musée Galliera, Paris, 2000
  • Christian Lacroix, Salon Imperial, Hotel Inter-Continental, Paris, 1992

Poppy: Zhang Hai'er Photography

2014.09.11 - 2014.10.25

Artist(s):Zhang Hai'er

“Poppy: Zhang Hai’er photography” is a case study on photography presenting through exhibition making by Taikang Space. What is photography? What can one discover through the camera? How to photograph? And what can one receive/perceive? Only when the works of a photographer can fully answer these questions, the case study may be established. Zhang Hai’er’s photography choreographs his personal theatre. The sense of absurdity of reality transgressing through his creative theme urged Zhang Hai’er to choose photography as his medium of expression – a medium that can output images in the most efficient way. The extravagant and opulent catwalk, the fragmented scenes of everyday life, portraits that reflect human nature – every freeze-framed image is a still of a play about the photographer’s social environment that displays a theatrical tension. From his intrinsic passion in this medium to his hyper awareness of its essence, Zhang Hai’er’s work over the last 30 years has endeavoured on an in-depth exploration of photography as a modern media and visual language. This exhibition selected over hundreds of photographs from the 1980s until the present, presents the outcome of this exploration to the viewers. 

Zhang Hai’er born in 1957, Guangzhou, who graduated with a degree in Stage Design from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. From 1985 to 1988, he enrolled in a master’s degree program at the oil painting department of the Guangzhou Academy of Art. From 1995 until now, worked as a photographer for New Weekly Magazine. In 1990, his collection of works, Zhang Hai’er, Photografien aus China was published by the Braus publication, in Heidelberg, Germany.

His important solo exhibitions includes, “Zhang Hai’er, L’Autre Chine” at the Musee de L’Elysee, in Lausanne, Switzerland (1993), “Zhang Hai’er, Fabrik-Foto Forum”, in Hamburg, Germany (1995), and “Zhang Hai’er” at the Image Fotografisk Galleri, in Aarhus, Denmark (1995). The group exhibitions he participated in includes, “Etre Photographe en Chine Aujourd’hui” in the 19th Recontres Internationale de la Photographie in Arles, France (1988); “Voir la Suisse Autrement” in Frigbourg, Switzerland (1991) and the “Medicines sans Frontieres, 20em Anniversaire”, in Paris and Toulouse, France (1991); “Contemporary Photographic Art from the P. R. China” at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, in Berlin, Germany (1997); “Facing Reality” at China Art Archive and Warehouse in Beijing, China(2002); “Guangzhou Photo Biennial” at the Guangzhou Art Museum in Guangzhou (2007) and etc.