Title:Hua Jia Di (1979-2004) Interviews with Contemporary Artists By Tang Xin
Publication of national:
Press:China Talents Press Limited
ISBN: 1728-4775

Over the years, Beijing has formed many artist communities, Hua Jia Di is the first one whinch in  downtown of these artists, including Zhang Xiaogang, Ye Yongqing, Yang Qian, Song Yonghong, Zeng Hao, Qiu Zhijie, Ma LiumingFeng Zhengjie, Chen Wenbo, He Sen, Chen Lingyang, Zhang Li,  Lin Xiaodong , Ren Xiaolin & Yang Yi, Zhao Liang, Han Congwu, Feng Zhengquan , Yang Jinsong, Zhang Xiaotao, Chen Fei & Luo Hui. Many of them were the leaders of the different stages of  Chinese Contemporary Arti development in the past 25 years. This book take the form of conversations, recording the stories of the artists occurred in 1979-2004, in chronological order rescheduling.