Title:51㎡ project - 16 Emerging Chinese Artists
Language:中文 & English
Publication of national:Taikang Space, Artists & Blue Kingfisher Limited
Press:Blue Kingfisher Limited
ISBN: 978-988-19912-0-1

51 m² was an experimental art project curated by Taikang Space. It lasted 15 months from October 17th 2009 to January 8th 2011 and it created a lot of interest and attention in the art world, both internationally and within China. The participating artists were, Zhao Zhao, Su Wenxiang, Zhao Yao, Wang Sishun, Li Mu, Cai Dongdong (Cai Weidong), Hu Xiangqian, Xin Yunpeng, Pei Li, Lu Zhengyuan, Xu Qu, Ma Qiusha, Liu Chuang, Yan Bing, Liang Yuanwei and Wang Yuyang. They represent the most creative and dynamic young artists in China today. 

The publication is consista collection of interviews made between the two curators and the 16 artists, and 16 catalogues of theartists.