• 2015-12-29

    Ms. Tang Xin gave a lecture on Chinese contemporary art to more than 130 Hong Kong students from various universities

    Organised by Peking University's office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan,  more than 130 students of Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and the like visited the exhibition currently on show at Taikang Space on Dec 29th, 2015. Ms Tang Xin, the director of Taikang Space, shared her experience of working in Chinese contemporary art scene by giving an attractive lecture titled "The work of the non-profit organisation in Chinese contemporary art". Sponsored by Ministry of Education and Peking University, this tour as well as the lecture consists an episode of a series events of the academic camp of "Chinese Strategy: Contemporary China and the World", which belongs to a larger project of exchange of  students and teachers from Hong Kong and China mainland universities in 2015.
  • 2015-11-21

    “Global Corporate Collections” presents more than 80 collections by enterprises from all continents included Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd

    In 2012, Deutsche Standards presented the book “Corporate Collections”, an overview of art collections curated by German companies. It received great interest from the international corporates as well as the art world. Now, a second edition under the name of “Global Corporate Collections” presents more than 80 collections by enterprises from all continents, among the companies with a national radius as well as global players. Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd was included in the book. And it also included the world-famous international companies such as AXA, Cartier International S.A., Daimler AG, La Caixa, Max Mara, Shiseido, UBS AG, Deutsche Bank, and so on. Corporate collections have become an integral part of the international world of contemporary art. Taikang Space is a professional institution devoting itself to Chinese contemporary art collection and the research on its development.
  • 2015-11-08

    Taikang Talk: Norman Bethune: Coevolution of Hero and Photography

    Six scholars attended the forum about the exhibition Norman Bethune: Coevolution of Hero and Photography hosted by Taikang Space. 

    After the exhibition Norman Bethune: Coevolution of Hero and Photography opened, Taikang Space especially invited six scholars to visit the exhibition and attend the forum in the afternoon of November 8th. They are Professor Chen Weixing( vice dean of Communication University of China Communication Research Institute, director of Center for International Communication Studies), Mr. Shan Wanli( researcher of Film Art Research Center of China), Mr. Jin Yongquan( photography history scholars, deputy general editor of China Photography Publishing House), Professor Liu Hong( Communication University of China Humanities and Fine Art), Professor Liu Jianping(Communication University of China Communication Research Institute), Mr. Gao Chu(photography history scholars, director of China Academy of Art China Photographic literature research institute).

  • 2015-10-06

    Travelling exhibition "Pull Left" approaching its last stop accompanied by three academic lectures held in U.S

    "Yale-China Association Fireside Chat Today”

    "Pull Left: Not Always Right”, curated and organised by Taikang Space, has travelled to its last stop in Pennsylvania state as the end of a one-year long around U.S tour. The exhibition is located in two venues separately which are Dickinson College and Central Pennsylvania's Community College. As a satellite event, Ms Tang Xin, the curator of the exhibition and the director of Taikang Space, were invited to give three lectures at Yale-China Association and the above two colleges respectively. The first episode “Yale-China Association Fireside Chat Today” which had attracted attention and interests from the teachers and the students in Yale deliberated a brief group portrait of China’s post-80s artists as well as illustrated the curatorial methodology of this very exhibition. The lecture ended with the heated discussion focusing on the divergence between the feedback from China and U.S and the specific sponsorship of Taikang Collection toward Chinese contemporary art.