• 2014-12-04

    Leaders from five non-profit art institutes in Germany visited Taikang Space

    The visitors from Germany and team members of Taikang Space 

    As a part of the academic exchange project INCUBATORS: Connecting Independent Art Spaces in Berlin & Beijing organized by Goethe Institute Peking, leaders of five non-profit art institutes in Berlin of Germany paid a visit to Taikang Space on December 4th, 2014. Among the institutes are District Berlin, Momentum Worldwide, ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics, Grimmuseum, and Autocenter. In the symposium following the tour, the team of Taikang Space introduced the achievement over the past 11 years and discussed with them about various topics, including space concept, curation, academic research methodology, collection system, the development of non-profit art spaces in China and Germany, and the role of non-profit art spaces in local art world and urban vitality.
  • 2014-10-16

    Cute Party

    On 15 October, Taikang Space welcomed a group of children aged eight months to 6 years, who are kids of artists (or art professionals). Taikang Space hosted a lively “cute party” for these little ones! The young generation of art professionals in recent years is indeed undergoing a period of marriage and childbearing. Although, it is still too early to predict the impact of art professional on the next generation, while from a practical point of view, young parents need a opportunity to exchange their experiences, and the kids need to meet other kids with the similar background. Beyond one’s art practice, the daily necessities, common knowledge, parenting experiences are equally important. These are the reasons for hosting this event. 

    Special thanks: Cai Dongdong, Chen Wenbo, Chen Wei, Xie Molin+Chang Xuyang, Mengjin + Fang’er, Fang Yulong, Fei Jun, Ma Qiusha, Chang Ming, Xie Wenyue, Wang Yuyang, and Zhao Yao in support of this event

  • 2014-09-02

    Taikang Space curatorial team attended a series of academic programs at the Ohio State University

    From 27 August to 1 September, Taikang Space curatorial team and some of the participating artists of the Pull Left exhibition attended the opening and a series of academic programs at the Urban Arts Space, Ohio State University. During this period, we led numerous guided tours. The Fine Art Department, the East Asian Art History Department, the Modern and Contemporary Art Department, the Art Management Department, and visitors from the art field had discussions and on-site teaching accompanied by workshops and studio visits, etc. The Director of Taikang Space, Tang Xin also gave a fantastic talk. The New Chinese Art: Art Funds, Art Auction, and the Promotion of New Art at the Wexner Center for the Arts, in which she introduced the rise of the art market, and its impact on the ecology of art, with the analysis of the development of non-profit art spaces and private art museums in China. These series of programs and events were also widely attended by colleagues from the Columbus Art Museum and the Cleveland Art Museum, and reported by local media. 

    ( left to right ) Ms. Valarie Williams, Mr. Sergio Soave and Mr. Christopher Gose

  • 2014-05-14

    Taikang Space wins TANC ASIA Prize - “Best Art Organization of The Year”

    Mr.Chen Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of Taikang Life Insurance Company

    Recently, Taikang Space was awarded “Best Art Organization of The Year” by TANC ASIA Prize. Mr.Chen Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of Taikang Life Insurance Company, and Ms.Tang Xin, the director of Taikang Space and the head of Taikang Life Art Collection Department, attended the grand award ceremony in Asia Society Hong Kong Center on 13th. May 2014.

    TANC ASIA Prize was another significant prize that Taikang won in the art area. Mr.Chen was elected one of the “Top Ten Power Patrons Worldwide” given by Art Auction in 2011 and won the 21th Montblanc Arts Patronage in 2012.

    TANC ASIA Prize was created by the Chinese version of the famous art media The Art Newspaper to promote the dissemination and development of Asian culture and art on a global scale, specialised for its research and communication. This award is mostly granted to the people who make tremendous contributions to enhance the mutual understanding between Asian countries, promote the development of art, and protect cultural heritage and tradition through funding, research, education, dissemination and exchange. The first TANC ASIA Prize focuses on the art organisations and individuals, who push forward the development of contemporary art in Greater China region through non-governmental power since 2013. The award also gives commendation to annual outstanding exhibitions, museums, publications, art projects and individuals with the special contribution as well. Therefore TANC ASIA Prize involves three parts: The Art Plan of the Year, The Art Organization of The Year and The Outstanding People of The Year.

    Ms.Tang Xin, the director of Taikang Space and the head of Taikang Life Art Collection Department

    2013 is the 10th Anniversary of Taikang Space. For the past decade, Taikang Space kept a fixed distance from the popular opinions and trends with a rational attitude. With the continued attention and support to the emerging Chinese artists, Taikang Space also expands the depth of its visual field in the history, develops experimental exploration based on its unique academic conception “Retrospection & Encouragement”. It has built up a historic art collection system for Taikang Life Insurance company and become an important model of contemporary art collections for enterprises in China. Consequently, Taikang Space won the “Art Organization of The Year”.  The award might be a symbolic statement,  which no one could ignore the persistence, effort, profession and contribution by a non-profit art organisation throughout ten years.

  • 2014-04-15

    YOU ARE DAMN WRONG on 10th April, 2014, Matchbox Gallery, Houston

    Installation view of You Are Damn Wrong, 2014
    Matchbox Gallery, Rice University, Houston, Texas
    ©The Artists,  Matchbox Gallery, Taikang Space. Photo by : Nash Baker

    In a unique cross-cultural collaboration, Taikang Space, Beijing and Matchbox Gallery, Houston present YOU ARE DAMN WRONG on 10th April 2014, an exhibition of works by emerging Chinese artists, as interpreted and executed by students from Rice University and University of Houston. Featuring work by the artists Liu Chuang, Liu Xinyi, Su Wenxiang, Xin Yunpeng, Zhao Yao, this exhibition represents the Matchbox Gallery’s participation in the contemporary Asian art festival My Voice Would Reach You, organised by the Chao Center for Asian Studies at Rice University. As a joint undertaking between young minds in both China and Houston, YOU ARE DAMN WRONG forges a bridge across nationalities. Recreated and reimagined by Rice University and University of Houston students, these newly mediated artworks explore what it means to translate and the political conditions of another culture in both a literal and figurative sense.
  • 2014-03-12

    Visitors from the Ohio State University at Columbus (OSU)

    Mr. Sergio Soave, Ms. Valarie Williams and Ms. Jian Dan

    In company with the curator & artist Li Chao, two visitors from the Ohio State University at Columbus (OSU): Ms. Valarie Williams, the vice president of the College of Arts and Sciences, administrator of the first part of Art Administration, professor of dance and Professor Sergio Soave, the director of the National Arts Administration Council, came to visit Taikang Space and met the curatorial team on March 11, 2014. 

    We had an in-depth communication and discussion about the curatorial work from both side and the specific issues of the travelling exhibition curated by Taikang Space “Pull Left”, which will be held at the OSU Urban Arts Space this summer. It will continue travelling to the other universities in the United States afterwards. Besides the meeting, they also visited some artists’ studios in Hei Qiao art area with our curatorial team.