• 2012-09-20

    Chen Dongsheng won the 21th Montblanc Arts Patronage

    On the afternoon of September 20, the 21th Montblanc Arts Patronage Award Presentation Ceremony held at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing. Montblanc will be granted this award Mr. Chen Dongsheng, Taikang Life Insurance Co. Chairman and CEO. The site of famous director Chen Kaige, the famous actor Wang Xueqi, a renowned artist Xiao Lu, Wang Jianwei and many other domestic arts community elite and celebrities were also at the presentation ceremony to pay tribute to the contribution made by Mr. Chen Dongsheng Chinese contemporary art. Montblanc Asia Pacific Chairman and President of Zhanzhao An President (Mr. James T. Siano) also traveled rushed to the scene to conduct the ceremony.

    2012 Montblanc Arts Patronage Taikang Life Insurance Co. Chairman and CEO Chen Dongsheng eventually won. Taikang Life Insurance Co. to operate his leadership bang, over the years, the Mr. Chen Dongsheng has also engaged in the field of art and culture, has made an outstanding contribution in the training of young artists.
  • 2012-05-25

    Art Spaces Directory

    For the New Museum Biennial The Ungovernable in New York in 2012, New Museum and Art Asia Pacific collaborated and published Art Spaces Directory. This book introduces more than 400 contemporary art institutes in 96 countries of the world. Among them, it introduces more than ten distinctive art spaces in China, including Taikang Space.

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  • 2012-04-29

    Taikang Support: A Documentary Exhibition of Ten Years participated in Art Beijing 2012

    In the non-profit exhibition sector of Art Beijing 2012, Taikang Space brought a special project Taikang Support: Documentary Exhibition of Ten Years. It displayed the structure of dozens of exhibitions and activities of more than 200 artists that the space hosted since its establishment in 2003. The project chose the important publications and documents that planned and published by Taikang Space, as well as the video of IMAGE·HISTORY·EXISTENCE——TAIKANG LIFE  15th ANNIVERSARY ART COLLECTION EXHIBITION, which was held in NAMOC in August 2011.
  • 2012-02-08

    President of Taikang Life Insurance Mr. Chen Dongsheng was elected one of the “Top Ten Influential Men of 2011” by Contemporary Art News magazine

    President of Taikang Life Insurance Mr. Chen Dongsheng was elected one of the “Top Ten Influential Men of 2011” by Contemporary Art News magazine

    In 2003, Taikang Life Insurance established Beijing Taikang Space, which supports the development of young artists through a series of academic activities, mainly exhibitions and projects. Up until now, more than 200 artists showcased their works in Taikang Space, which has an active influence on the enrichment of Taikang Life’s own collection and the research on the collected items. At present, among the collected works of Taikang Life Insurance, there are already some symbolic works related to the phases of art history development and important works by some representative artists.

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